Spring has officially started here in Brazil and although I’m in a pastel nails kind of  mood, matching my wardrobe with the current season feels boring to me. I’m guilty of wearing crazy bold colors during winter (and have been criticized for it!). Maybe I haven’t get used to seasons just yet (we don’t have those in tropical Venezuela) Or maybe I just prefer to pop instead of blend in. View Post


PHOTO CREDITS: Christophe Lemaire, Chloé, Emilio Pucci/Indigital, Jonathan Sunders, Derek Lam/Indigital, Chloé/Indigital.

With the rise of the much feared culottes, the 70’s have made a huge comeback…again. The era that started self-expression through clothes have become the most predictable fashion trend ever: every two seasons the fringed bag is the new “it bag” and flared pants fight for a spot in our already skinny jeans-fulfilled hearts and closets. View Post