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Black with a pop of neon


Jumpsuits are effortslesly chic and work for every possible ocassion. No wonder why they’re still huge!You can improvise one by tucking a t-shirt under a flowy bottom on the same tone as I did here and although it doesn’t translate in the picture it turned out pretty well. (more…)

Double red


You’ve already seen this bag countless times before but what I never told you is that it actually is one of those bags to carry the Bible; I bought it on the street here in São Paulo, I only adapted a chain to it and voilá. (more…)



Apparently every time I go to an expo starts raining and the temperature drops, although I have to confess that Dalí is not one of my favorite artists I simply couldn’t skip the chance to go. (more…)

Perder el miedo


According to Coco Chanel the knees are the ugliest part of a woman’s body and they should be hided. I never liked mines and after some serious falls that left me scars -and a little bit of bullying-  I convinced myself I had the ugliest knees ever so it took meyears to find the courage to wear skirts or anything that showed them whatsover. But hey, you only live once! After all that’s what fashion (and life) is about: losing our fears. (more…)