How to pick bronzer

How-To-Choose-BronzerFrom left to right: Borjois Délíce de Poudre Bonzing Powder in 51, theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer.

I know how tricky choosing the right bronzer can be, so I’ve put together this quick guide to help you get it right next time you buy bronzer!


For a contoured look that adds dimension to your face and makes your features stand out choose a matte bronzer in a cool undertone. For a beach-glowy look a luminous bronzer with finely milled particles (you want it to be sheen not glittery) will do it. Wear it as a blush and skip hlighter, but apply with caution: shimmer reflects the light and brings attention to pores, wrinkles, and pretty much every imperfection you might have. Oily type of skin girls better stay away.


Bronzer it’s not supposed to make you look darker; sticking to only two shades darker than your skin tone will keep you from looking fake. Think of it as a way of accentuating your own natural color. Also avoid orangy shades, they’re unflattering and look artificial (because the sun can be pretty bad to your skin but it’ll never ever let you looking orange!)


Liquid bronzers can be hard to blend and things can get messy with loose pigments, so don’t try those if you’re a begginer. Powder formulas suite all types of skin, specially oily to combination ones. Plus: they’re the easiest to to aply. If you have severely dry skin though, a cream formula that adds moisture is the way to go and always looks natural. Choose a stick presentation for an easier application.


If you get the chance to test the product at the store swatch it on the back of your wrist: it should feel silky, not powdery and should blend with ease. If you have too rub off too the formula is too powdery and it’ll be difficult to make it work with a brush.


Our skintone changes season through season: we get paler in the colder months and darker during the summer. A bronzer wheel or palette allows you to create the exact shade you need all year round, but don’t go crazy and buy a profesional bronzer palette with tons of shades you’ll never use. Go for something like the New York Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder instead.

Have any more tips on how to pick bronzer? Leave them on the comments below!

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