Styling Plaid: Part III


Last post from the Styling Plaid Series! This time we’re styling windowpane, which is probably my fave plaid pattern. Not only it goes with almost everything, but the clean lines and bigger size of the squares give a modern vibe to it.


Styling Plaid: Part II

how-to-wear-a-pink-blazerI can’t tell you how much I love this city. Its weather? Not so much. It’s always cloudy and grey, and even during summer (which is supposedly the current season) it rains often. “São Paulo being São Paulo”, they say. Whenever we get to see the sun — and the hubbie isn’t bussy with work— I run outside to take outfit photos. But hey, I’m not here to complain about the weather.

To start off this year’s style posts we’re going to to wrap up the styling plaid series from last year! (more…)

Balmsai Palette Review


theBalm’s Balmsai palette is the ultimate beginner palette for me: you get 18 pigmented, great quality shadows in matte, satin and shimmery finishes on a cool packaging at a great price. While I still love my Nude Dude and the beautiful goldens in it, I feel like the Balmsai offers more versatility: you can go basic neutral, smokey or colorful. This could be my dessert island palette (not that I would take makeup to a dessert island, but you get the point.) (more…)

Beauty talk: hair oils


I’m always the last one to jump on the bandwagon of the hottest beauty trend. But after a couple of color experiments and some heat styling excesss my hair was getting difficult and not responding to my usual almond oil+deep conditioner treatment (nothing beats it for me!). One day I found myself standing in front of the overwhelming drugstore hair island and lacking of my favorite serum when I finally succumbed to the hair oils buzz. Here’s what I’ve learned.


Because hair is already dead and nothing can really repair it, treating it carefully to keep it looking as healthy as possible is the best we can do. Oils facilitate (more…)