5 fabulous gifts for graphic design lovers

Today I bring you five gift ideas specially for those who are into design and graphic arts. As a graphic design lover myself I would love to receive any of them!



Fonzo Baxstar 6inch by Scott Tolleson, US$48.00.

Inspired on the silhouette of a french bulldog, Fonzo is the first venezuelan art toy and winner of the “best figure D. I. Y. ” in the Designer Toy Awards 2013. Purchase a Fonzo customized by your artist of choice or buy one in blank and challenge a friend to customize it. Tons of fun guaranteed! (more…)

Bio-Oil Review


A combination of mineral oils and vitamins that promises to improve the appereance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin; Bio-oil is quite polemical here on the internet. It’s the holly grail/can’t live without beauty product for a lot of people but has a considerable number of detractors as well. Although I don’t have stretch marks or scars, I’ve been struggling with acne pigmentation marks for a while now and recently with superdry skin so I decided to give it a chance. My overall opinion?  (more…)

Black with a pop of neon


Jumpsuits are effortslesly chic and work for every possible ocassion. No wonder why they’re still huge!You can improvise one by tucking a t-shirt under a flowy bottom on the same tone as I did here and although it doesn’t translate in the picture it turned out pretty well. (more…)