Apparently every time I go to an expo starts raining and the temperature drops, although I have to confess that Dalí is not one of my favorite artists I simply couldn’t skip the chance to go. (more…)

5 Holiday gift ideas for the fashion lover

Christmas is just around the corner! This gift ideas will surprise the fashion lover in your life without breaking the bank.



        The Teen Vogue Hand Book: An insider’s Guide to Careers in Fashion, US$16.96

An introductory read for everyone who wants to work in fashion; The Teen Vogue Hand Book is a guide full of tips and from the top industry insiders from designers, editors, photographers, stylists, models and bloggers to help that fashionista friend to find a path in the industry. The updated version promises 90% of new content and will be released next week. Plus: Amazon is offering a free one-year subscription to the magazine with the physical edition!! (more…)

Perder el miedo


According to Coco Chanel the knees are the ugliest part of a woman’s body and they should be hided. I never liked mines and after some serious falls that left me scars -and a little bit of bullying-  I convinced myself I had the ugliest knees ever so it took meyears to find the courage to wear skirts or anything that showed them whatsover. But hey, you only live once! After all that’s what fashion (and life) is about: losing our fears. (more…)

Vichy Normaderm Micellar solution review


When my skin crisis began I decided to invest in products a little more expensive than I would regularly buy to prevent more damage. That’s how I found Vichy’s micellar solution, a paraben-free makeup remover specially formulated for sensitive and acne prone skins that contains thermal water and promises 3 effects in 1: cleanse, remove makeup eye and sooth skin. (more…)

Weather craziness


During fall the windows stores were all about florals, now that it’s spring the clothes seem to scream is it summer already? Clearly fashion moves fast, maybe way too fast. (more…)