Beauty favorites of 2014


MOISTURIZER: Johnson’s Softlotion Intense Nutrition with karite butter and cocoa

I’m not a big fan of perfumes but couldn’t live without scented creams. This isn’t an intensive moisturizer but gets the job done and smells incredible!

FOR MY HAIR: Almond oil

It has kept my hair shiny and soft despite of all the heat and coloring I’ve put it through this year. Almond oil is cheap, does everything that expensive hair products claim to do and can be used in so many ways. (more…)

Denim & Dots


On Christmas Eve the heel from one of my shoes broke; we were invited for dinner and I spent the night wearing a pair of havaianas from our hostess’s daughter. So as much as I wanted to show you what I wore I still need to repair those shoes. (more…)

5 fabulous gifts for graphic design lovers

Today I bring you five gift ideas specially for those who are into design and graphic arts. As a graphic design lover myself I would love to receive any of them!



Fonzo Baxstar 6inch by Scott Tolleson, US$48.00.

Inspired on the silhouette of a french bulldog, Fonzo is the first venezuelan art toy and winner of the “best figure D. I. Y. ” in the Designer Toy Awards 2013. Purchase a Fonzo customized by your artist of choice or buy one in blank and challenge a friend to customize it. Tons of fun guaranteed! (more…)

Bio-Oil Review


A combination of mineral oils and vitamins that promises to improve the appereance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin; Bio-oil is quite polemical here on the internet. It’s the holly grail/can’t live without beauty product for a lot of people but has a considerable number of detractors as well. Although I don’t have stretch marks or scars, I’ve been struggling with acne pigmentation marks for a while now and recently with superdry skin so I decided to give it a chance. My overall opinion?  (more…)