Personal uniform and street art


Having a personal uniform is key part of defining your style; It doesn’ mean you have to commit with the same look for the rest of your life but figuring out what’s your distinctiveness. Plus: if you have a go-to outfit  you’ll get ready faster on days when you’re lack of inspiration. (more…)

Nivea Pure Effect Clean Deeper Review


If you have acne prone skin like me then you know that using a harsh scrub regularly it’s not an option as it can make you break out even more. Nivea’s Clean Deeper is great to keep the skin smooth between exfoliations and can we talk about it’s beautiful color for just a second? This is actually why I bought it on the first place. (more…)

Sunday walk


When I moved to Brazil at the begining of the year I had to ditch and donate almost all of my clothes to fit my wardrobe into two suitcases. It was traumatic, I’m not going to lie,  but also liberating as I kept the things I knew I was really going to wear and learned that you don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes if you have a few versatile pieces and know how to make the most of them, it’s the case of this chambray shirt which I just can’t stop wearing. (more…)

Avène micellar lotion review


I have really problematic skin -oily combination with tendence to breakout that dries out during the winter- so lately I’ve been searching for gentle formulas. The Avène micellar lotion is a great option for sensitive and proallergic skins because It’s alcohol, oil, soap and parabens free. It’s also non comedogenic which means that doesn’t clog pores and won’t cause acne. (more…)

The red blazer


On busy days I want to look casual but still polished and the red blazer gets the job done. I’d been looking for a quality one for a while when I found this in my last trip to Venezuela. It was simply love at first sight. (more…)

On crop tops and body confidence

croptops     Because sometimes fashion can make you feel awkward about your body

Recently, I read on a magazine that in order to wear crop tops -the it piece for the summer- a set of 50 daily crunches is mandatory. The article said “we’re sure that as a good fashionista, you’re already lying down on the floor”. Then, in another edition of the same magazine I found this article that listed everything you had to do get your body “ready” to wear a crop top featuring all kind of treatments to sculpt or at less fake perfects abs. (more…)