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I love stencil


When a woman says she’s comfortable in her high heels you can bet she’s is lying but these ones are seriously comfortable, no lies! I wore this to dinner on the weekend and I’ve just realized that it’s has been a long time since I didn’t wear anything black. (more…)

Can’t pretend


So my husband asked me why I’m using the same bag from my last style post…and I get it because back in the days I used to switch from bag almost everyday but that was before we moved and I had to leave/ditch/donate pretty much all of my stuff. As I said before that was kinda traumatic and since we don’t know how much we’ll be staying here I don’t wanna go through the same process all over again. In fact I already have more stuff that I can fit into my two suitcases so I only go shopping when I truly need or want something. Besides I don’t feel like dressing up just for the blog, I want to keep things real: these are my clothes, this is what I wear. (more…)

Go by instinct


Petite girls can’t wear big bags…says who? Although I’m not a big fan of huge purses sometimes we have to carry on a lot of stuff regardless of our size and high. I love the structure and material of this one from Zara. (more…)

A Ópera da Lua


Yesterday we went to an expo called “A Ópera da Lua” (The Moon Opera) from Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo, two plastic artists that also happen to be twin brothers. They mixtured diferent techniques, colorful textures and plenty of symbols that evoke the world of the oniric to compose an “opera” that feels nostalgic but vibrant and optimistic as well. (more…)

Personal uniform and street art


Having a personal uniform is key part of defining your style; It doesn’ mean you have to commit with the same look for the rest of your life but figuring out what’s your distinctiveness. Plus: if you have a go-to outfit  you’ll get ready faster on days when you’re lack of inspiration. (more…)

Sunday walk


When I moved to Brazil at the begining of the year I had to ditch and donate almost all of my clothes to fit my wardrobe into two suitcases. It was traumatic, I’m not going to lie,  but also liberating as I kept the things I knew I was really going to wear and learned that you don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes if you have a few versatile pieces and know how to make the most of them, it’s the case of this chambray shirt which I just can’t stop wearing. (more…)