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Yes, same accessories from last post! But hey,they call them basics for a reason! Plus, I’m still on transit and working with two suitcases (Ok, ok…and a third one solely for my shoes….),  so I need to be extremely selective with my purchases and although I’m not a shopping addict or anything like that, sometimes it can get pretty darn hard to have self control. (more…)

Wild motifs

How-to-wear-a-skort-Tulips&HeelsPair together a bunch of basics: animal print (a widely accepted neutral these days), a structured bag in a staple color, a pair of sneakers and a bottom with a twist (textured panels in this case) and you’re ready to go out and run errands with comfiness.




Spring has officially started here in Brazil and although I’m in a pastel nails kind of  mood, matching my wardrobe with the current season feels boring to me. I’m guilty of wearing crazy bold colors during winter (and have been criticized for it!). Maybe I haven’t get used to seasons just yet (we don’t have those in tropical Venezuela) Or maybe I just prefer to pop instead of blend in. (more…)

crème de la crème

I’m a bag kind of girl but I’m also a minimalist, like I won’t throw on my bag a sewing kit and a pillow just in case. I take with me the bare essentials: my keys, phone and lipstick —if I can get away with convincing the hubbie to carry them on his backpack even better— so I’m all about mini clutches and purses and you know how much I love typograhic ones. I went for nude heels to make the brick color stand out.


Normcore chic


It took me a while to appreciate the beauty of normcore. I love heels  —I’ve made that clear with the name of my blog — and during years I wouldn’t wear anything but heels! Nowadays I go everywhere by walking and I’m convinced that a pair of comfy shoes can be as chic as killer stilettos. White Keds are my go to, especially when I’m running late for class, they’re understated yet feminine at the same time and can make any outfit fashionable without looking like you’re trying too hard. (more…)



I’ve always hated myself in pictures. I meet my husband online and it took me months just to send him the first picture because I was too afraid to put myself in front of the camera. But when a random stranger in Mexico approached to me and asked for a photo I said yes. (more…)