Keep an Eye on It

Wheather you choose the iconic Eye of God, a graphic emoji style, or the flirty Chiara’s signature logo (whom we might blame for starting the trend), these eye themed accessories inject a dose of fun to your everyday outfits and will still look interesting when the trend is gone!


  1. Ibo Maraca Eye of God hat.
  2. Kayu Eye Pouch.
  3. Fossil Eye Studs.
  4. Delfina Delettrez “Anatomik” Light Blue Eye Ring.
  5. Shourouk Emojibling Eye earrings.
  6. Olympia Le-Tan Eye.
  7. Chiara Ferragni Flirting Eye Glittered Iphone 7 Case.


  1. March 31, 2017 / 6:09 am

    Such a fun trend! I’m a big fan of Chiara’s collection! Really love the phone case 🙂

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