Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now.

This blog post is part of a Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader.

Courrèges’s space odalisques for Spring/Summer 1969. Photo credit: Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos.

Blame on Courrèges, Cardin, Mr. Rabanne and the Jetsons for that space-robotic looking way we pictured fashion will be. While technology and new material developments will invariably impact the way our clothes are created (hopefully in favor of more efficient and eco-friendly processes), it’s our ideals and beliefs that will make the fashion landscape progressively change. CGTrader invited me to share my vision on the subject. Here, what I consider to be the key defining topics for the future. (more…)


I like editorial outfit shoots and dreamy landscapes in perfectly controlled light just like any other fashion/photography lover out there, but I also like blogs that still look like blogs and not magazines. So I want to keep things real and relatable here: It was raining (the weather just hasn’t been by my side lately), hair is looking messy, this is an improvised location, and my dog is doing some photobombing! (more…)

Sweet Peach Palette Review & Swatches

New palette obsession alert! Ride or die status. The Sweet Peach palette not only offers enough variety and contrast between shades, but also, some colorful-wearable hues. You can go as natural or as intense as you want! Can’t put it down, nor describe how soft/buttery, pigmented, easy to apply and blendable these shadows are. They practically do the job by themselves! (more…)

Layer It

Put a tee under that dress that you love, but find hard to wear without looking always the same. It gives it a casual touch and allows you to accessorize it in a different way. (more…)


Do you remember when it was all about the flares and the skinnies seemed to us a little weird just because they weren’t in fashion? Well, I stayed in that fase for a little longer than the rest. Flares were my fave thing and I couldn’t imagine myself wearing another form of denim. (more…)