The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is the chill sister of the biker. Yet it has the same coolness factor and power to complete any look. If your outfit needs a casual touch it’s definitely the way to go. (more…)

Current Fave Brushes



To apply my foundation, I always start with this brush. It’s super soft, doesn’t leave any streaks and pretty much does the work for me. Then, I even things out with the Real Techniques’s sponge. Together they’re my go-to flawless foundation combo. I tried RT’S flat foundation brush and as much as I loved it, it shedded so badly I had to throw it away the second time I washed it. What I love about Ecotools is that it’s an ecologic, cruelty-free and affordable brand, but also, their brushes last forever in good condition. (more…)

Je ne sais pas

I’ve never mentioned it, but the fact that the blog is trilingual already gives a clue: I love languages, and one of my goals is to keep learning new ones. Although French has accompanied me since highschool I haven’t taked it with the seriousness that a goal deserves. I never make New Year’s resolutions lists, but I decided that 2017 would finally be the year to make it happen…. and then life got so complicated I ended up leaving the idea aside. We’re halfway through the year and I find myself thinking that life will always get complicated, that there will never be such a thing as the perfect moment to go after what we want. (more…)