The Maxi Skirt


If you’re petite like me, you probably know all the rules to dress “right”: from balancing the lenghts and proportions to what postures help us look taller. You might have even been bullied, as if those centimeters less were anybody’s bussines or a reason to be ashamed of whatsoever. (more…)

Printed Pants


Printed pants were a huge trend a few years ago, by then I thought they were too risky for me and that I’ll end up regretting of getting them. But time and trends have passed by and this pair don’t look dated to me at all. (more…)

Super Raccoon


Lately it feels like no outfit is complete without a chocker (even if it’s improvised like this one), it adds some interest yet still looks effortless.  What I definitely missed by the end of the evening was a jacket!


The Culottes Debate


Culottes are a quite controversial item. Some people say they don’t look good on anyone. Period. For me it’s all about playing with proportions and adding a pair of pumps. But I’ve also worn them with Keds and embraced the fact that it’s not the most flattering combo —and that the hubby wasn’t keen on it— In the end it’s just clothes. it’s supposed to be fun, so don’t let anyone’s rules define your style.  (more…)

The Slip Dress and Top Combo


Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2016 Runway. Photos: theFashionSpot.

I’ll admit I wasn’t convinced about the slip dress and top trend at first, as I don’t easily accept anything that comes straight from the nineties, fashion wise. But everything is a remix now and there’s really no way to scape from it. The good news? You can rock the trend by putting together pieces you already own! (more…)