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Time for a Revamp

I started this blog in 2014 with no strategy, but lots of enthusiasm and the conviction it was the right path for me. The blogosphere has changed a lot since then: blogs now look more like shopping magazines, and showcasing a mono filtered life on instagram a platform that’s all about pay to play these days has become priority. (more…)

Pom Poms

I tend to stay away from pom poms, especially multicolored, big sized ones, I just feel like they’re too tropical and trendy for me. But these ones I liked: they’re unicolor and add fun to an otherwise boring outfit. (more…)


Last week we took a quick trip to Mexico City, where we visited the Chapultepec Castle, home of the French monarchy that ruled Mexico for a few years during the late 19th century. Its opulent arquitecture and decor contrast with impactful art pieces that tell the story of opression and fight of the Mexican people for independence through their history. (more…)


I like editorial outfit shoots and dreamy landscapes in perfectly controlled light just like any other fashion/photography lover out there, but I also like blogs that still look like blogs and not magazines. So I want to keep things real and relatable here: It was raining (the weather just hasn’t been by my side lately), hair is looking messy, this is an improvised location, and my dog is doing some photobombing! (more…)

Layer It

Put a tee under that dress that you love, but find hard to wear without looking always the same. It gives it a casual touch and allows you to accessorize it in a different way. (more…)