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Review: Elf Palettes.

I’ve wanted to try these palettes for the longest time and I finally had the chance. They’re super affordable, and the best of all: cruelty free. They all have fallout but aren’t dry at all. Let’s review each one separately. (more…)

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette Review and Swatches


Calling all warm toned eyeshadow lovers out there: I hate to be here like “you need this”, but seriously: you need this palette.

The shades on the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette live to the typical “they blend like a friggin dream” beauty blogger’s phrase, and I refuse to decide which ones I love more. The pigmentation on them is beautiful and I love how it mixes neutrals with pops of wearable reddish and plum colors. Can you tell it has become my new fave? I do find that the satin shadows need a little build up to show well on the lid and don’t last as long as the mattes, so proper priming is a must. (more…)

Foundation brush guide


They can be flat, angled or rounded, small or giant. The density and shape vary. Your type of skin and foundation of choose may influence too. In the world of makeup brushes there are some many options when it comes to base applying, that it can get frankly overwhelming. Do you need them all? Of course not, you just have to find one that works for you (ok, maybe two…) Can’t choose? Go old school by applying your foundation with clean hands: the product blends quickly with skin’s natural oils. No streaking whatsoever! (more…)

Beauty Multitaskers: brush edition


1. Foundation brush, Revlon. I 2. Sponge brush, Quem Disse Berenice.3. Powder brush, Too Faced. I 4. Fan Brush, Ecotools. I 5. Angled brush blush, ElfI 6. Blending eyeshadow brush, The Beauty Box. I 7. Eyebrow brush, Urban Decay. I 8. Buxom Lash mascara wand, Bare Escentuals. I 9.Concealer brush, Dior.

If you think you need a million brushes to create a perfect makeup then think again. These brushes are incredible versatile and chances are you already own them! Here’s how to make the most out of them. (more…)