When basic is not that bad…


I talked about how not to be basic with your style in here. But when your creative juices aren’t flowing; say it’s 8 am, you didn’t have enough sleep and just can’t be bothered to put together an outfit that’ll make Scott Schuman want to stop you on the street, then basic doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

DSCN5097 - Copia

Comfiness is key to get through those kind of days, so stick to your favorite pieces and accessories. I added a bold lip but you can go with a cat eye or whatever that’s your thing. Doing this little extra step will make you feel better and therefore look better.

DSCN5126 - Copia

So yeah, sometimes it’s ok to be basic, which brings me to the fact that parisian chic is all about attitude and rocking some basics and everyone and her mother tries to imitate them. Clearly, there’s nothing basic about it.

Also, let’s be honest, most of the days we just want/need to look neat and head out of the door. And that’s fine as well.




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