A few weeks ago we attended to an Expo featuring Ron Mueck’s art. I opted for flats to be comfy and to keep things interesting I paired this fun patterned blouse with a pop color.


I have to confess I  never paid too much attention to Mueck; in my mind his work was superficial and had no other object than drawing people’s attention. But the short film Still Life: Mueck at work produced by the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain showed me a quiet artist that works meticulously to make every shadow, crease and wrinkle perfect, that gets frustrated when something goes wrong and throws it all to start again, proving that dedication is the key to achieving great things. Literally.



“Couple under an umbrella” was the only giant piece of all the Expo and the one who draw most attention. But “Youth” was definetely my favorite, for me it represents the way violence affects diferent social groups and how we end up getting used to it.


São Paulo is called “Cidade Cinza” which means “Grey City” because that’s the color of almost every building in here, so  I get excited every time I find one of these spots of art and color. This is the view outside the museum.


Love, Grise




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