Trend alert: The typographic clutch


When two of my favorite things in the world —typography and bags— get togheter and make a trend, clearly I have to write a post about it. From city names to random ordered compositions, words have always played a key role on my style.

My childhood wardrobe stapple was a red typographic patterened Simpson’s family t-shirt I just couldn’t stop wearing. Later College made me a geek for letters: there I got to discover typography as an art, an understated one, yet that puts the world togheter and —when done right— injects a dose of beauty in it.

And of course, fashion can’t scape its influence. A typographic clutch is fun and really never gets dated or boring. Hope these picks inspire your next purchase, they’ll surely inspire mine!


1. Cheap Monday Cover Kit Clutch Bag, Asos. 2. Skinnydip CRUNCH Clutch, Asos. 3. Morley Maybe Why Not Printed satin box clutch, Kotur. 4. Tropical Gangster Clutch, Samudra. 5. Clare V. Clutch. 6. Match Box Clutch Bag, Asos. 7. Novelty Embroidered Clutch, Bop Basics. 8. Wildest Dreams Speech Bubble Clutch, Sophia Webster.




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