Athleisure in Town

After almost four months I’m back in São Paulo. My sister helped me out with these pics while in my hometown (Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela). Although I never get too personal because I want to keep the focus on fashion and beauty, I’m still trying to process all I went through and what’s about to come.

Cancer took away from me the person that defined my childhood and a huge part of who I am now: my gradpa. I saw my country fall apart and lived the horror of a looting. Then came back to an empty apartment, since my husband had to flight to Mexico for work reasons and we’ll be moving there next month. I feel so connected to this place and its people, that it won’t be easy to leave, but I also know it’s time to start all over again and figure out life.

I’m commited to this space as my creative outlet and to make it grow because I know it worths it. I wanna keep sharing inspiring things with you: the exciment of a new trend that’s actually wearable…the makeup tip that boosts our confidence. In the large scheme of things; this is all meaningless, but when it brings joy to our lives it can’t be considered trivial.

About the look: For someone who doesn’t go the gym, it doesn’t make sense to dress like such, so this is my version of athleisure. Gotta have heels.

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