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Find your Staples

Having a capsule wardrobe was never a goal of mine. The uncertity of the nomade’s life forced me to be more selective and thoughtful about my purchases. The constant fear of owning more stuff I could take with me when we finally settled down transformed me into a minimalist.


Against All Odds

It’s the second time we try to photograph these pants without succes. We took these few pictures before running out of battery, checking (twice) that the replacement pack didn’t work, and after spending all our money (to get a new one) on a plant called Sea Foam we bought from an old man on the street.  (more…)


Trumpet sleeves add a romantic touch to any ensemble. I was in the hunt for a pastel or bright colored top on this stye, but this one was on sale and it was the last one remaining, so I picked it up just in case I regretted later of not doing so. I don’t know about you, but some clothes I didn’t get still hunt me after years! (more…)

Pizza Is My Bae

When it comes to shorts, I have a hard time finding the right fit. But one thing I’ve learnt: they need to be a little loose to be actually comfy and flattering. So, don’t be lazy like me and spend some time at the fitting room until you find your perfect pair. (more…)