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Sweet Peach Palette Review & Swatches

New palette obsession alert! Ride or die status. The Sweet Peach palette not only offers enough variety and contrast between shades, but also, some colorful-wearable hues. You can go as natural or as intense as you want! Can’t put it down, nor describe how soft/buttery, pigmented, easy to apply and blendable these shadows are. They practically do the job by themselves! (more…)

thebalm Blushes

theBalm doesn’t rely in continous launches. Every product they put on the market is well thought out, and because of their quality and cool packaging, some of them reach the status of makeup must-haves through the years. That’s the case of the Boy Blushes. Let’s take a look at them! (more…)

Review: Elf Palettes.

I’ve wanted to try these palettes for the longest time and I finally had the chance. They’re super affordable, and the best of all: cruelty free. They all have fallout but aren’t dry at all. Let’s review each one separately. (more…)

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1 and 2 Review and Swatches

Here in Mexico, they’re labeled as La Palette Nude and La Palette Nude Intense, respectively, yet the’re exactly the same offered in the USA (UK version is different). Let’s take a look at both palettes.

L’Oreal is expert at creating colors that suit everybody and this is definitely a beautiful selection that really enhances my brown eyes. La Palette Nude 1 is mostly warm neutrals and a pair of cool greys, whereas La Palette Nude 2 has rosy, mauves and plums. (more…)