Bio-Oil Review


A combination of mineral oils and vitamins that promises to improve the appereance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin; Bio-oil is quite polemical here on the internet. It’s the holly grail/can’t live without beauty product for a lot of people but has a considerable number of detractors as well. Although I don’t have stretch marks or scars, I’ve been struggling with acne pigmentation marks for a while now and recently with superdry skin so I decided to give it a chance. My overall opinion? It’s a great mosturizer but not suitable for sensitive skins. Here’s is my experience:

The appliance

It can be a little intimidating to apply by its greasy texture but surprisingly it absorbes quickly. It has a botanical smell that disappears quickly too, and despite of the size of the bottle it can last for a while because a little goes a long way.

The results

First time I applied it before going to bed. Next day I woke up to flawless, momentarily healed skin. I was thrilled that my skin finally looked normal: not dull or flaky but healthy, visible smooth and kinda glowy!

Due to my excitement I might or might not’ve been overaplying it causing crazy-red prominent breakouts. Then, doing a little online research I discovered that one of its ingredientes is lavander oil which can be irritating and according to the experts should be avoided in skincare products as it’s responsible for skincell death (even on small amounts of it as is the case). Now, that’s pretty bad…I stopped using it and switched to other products but the problem continued so there’s a chance it might have just been my skin going crazy as usual. It could have been the detonant though, but I guess I’ll never know. Besides, every skin reacts diferent to diferent types of ingredients.

As for the pigmentation I didn’t see any improvements after the first weeks but the brand suggests to use it twice a day for three months at minimum to see changes.

Final veredict

Best moisturizing product I’ve ever tried. Excellent to give it a boost to your skincare regime once in a while, use on those rough body areas and have in hand during the winter. I now apply only a dab to calm down the dryness when nothing else seems to work. However, to avoid any possible sencondary effect from lavander oil I recommend to not use it on the long term as a daily moisturizer or on super delicate type of skins.

If you’re willing to try it out keep in mind it shouldn’t be used on irritated areas and remember to do a patch test first.

Have you tried Bio-Oil? I wanna know! Please, share your experience in the comments!  

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