Time for a Revamp

I started this blog in 2014 with no strategy, but lots of enthusiasm and the conviction it was the right path for me. The blogosphere has changed a lot since then: blogs now look more like shopping magazines, and showcasing a mono filtered life on instagram a platform that’s all about pay to play these days has become priority.

I remember the malicious, deprecating smile of an ex top-magazine editor on a fashion conference I attended last year when asked about the current role of fashion blogs. They’re dead to her. Yet the fact that the magazine she used to work for continues to survive despite the threat of digital can only prove there’s still space for everyone who has an authentic vision and pont of view. Neither us, nor the planet can afford pages to be wasted on irrelevant content. This same principle can be applied to blogs, which brings me to my next point: it’s not all about the pretty visuals. You have to have something to say.

The landscape might seem confusing and discouraging, but it’s only an opportunity to stand out, and that’s why Tulips & Heels is getting a design and brand revamp. I want it to reflect better what I stand for and to be more user friendly. One thing won’t change: It’ll remain authentic and down to earth!




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