Can’t pretend


So my husband asked me why I’m using the same bag from my last style post…and I get it because back in the days I used to switch from bag almost everyday but that was before we moved and I had to leave/ditch/donate pretty much all of my stuff. As I said before that was kinda traumatic and since we don’t know how much we’ll be staying here I don’t wanna go through the same process all over again. In fact I already have more stuff that I can fit into my two suitcases so I only go shopping when I truly need or want something. Besides I don’t feel like dressing up just for the blog, I want to keep things real: these are my clothes, this is what I wear.


When you repeat an item that you absolutely love you’re actually making the most out of it and this bag has been such a life saver for me; not only I’ve been carrying a lot of documents lately but it’s great for traveling as well. I’m looking for a smaller everyday bag though, I just haven’t found the perfect one in terms of quality/price just yet but I know that eventually we’ll find each other in life.


The title for today’s post comes from a song I just can’t stop listening. Hope you enjoy it! 

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