I’ve always hated myself in pictures. I meet my husband online and it took me months just to send him the first picture because I was too afraid to put myself in front of the camera. But when a random stranger in Mexico approached to me and asked for a photo I said yes. (more…)

Perder el miedo


According to Coco Chanel the knees are the ugliest part of a woman’s body and they should be hided. I never liked mines and after some serious falls that left me scars -and a little bit of bullying-  I convinced myself I had the ugliest knees ever so it took meyears to find the courage to wear skirts or anything that showed them whatsover. But hey, you only live once! After all that’s what fashion (and life) is about: losing our fears. (more…)

On crop tops and body confidence

croptops     Because sometimes fashion can make you feel awkward about your body

Recently, I read on a magazine that in order to wear crop tops -the it piece for the summer- a set of 50 daily crunches is mandatory. The article said “we’re sure that as a good fashionista, you’re already lying down on the floor”. Then, in another edition of the same magazine I found this article that listed everything you had to do get your body “ready” to wear a crop top featuring all kind of treatments to sculpt or at less fake perfects abs. (more…)