On crop tops and body confidence

croptops     Because sometimes fashion can make you feel awkward about your body

Recently, I read on a magazine that in order to wear crop tops -the it piece for the summer- a set of 50 daily crunches is mandatory. The article said “we’re sure that as a good fashionista, you’re already lying down on the floor”. Then, in another edition of the same magazine I found this article that listed everything you had to do get your body “ready” to wear a crop top featuring all kind of treatments to sculpt or at less fake perfects abs.

Frankly, the Idea of changing your body to suit a certain trend seems to me pretty unfair, not to mention how unrealistic it actually is. And I don’t mean we should take this literally just because some magazine says it so. It’s winter here in Brazil, so I don’t feel like hitting the cold floor every morning to do crunches, but these are the types of messages that put pressure on women to change the way they look making them feel awkward about their bodies.

Fashion is supposed to be fun, not to make us feel bad. We should be able to wear whatever the heck we want to, just because we choose to do so. No piece of clothing deserves us to change our bodies in order to wear it. Besides there are a lot of options when it comes to crop tops for you to choose from; showing your belly it’s completely up to you.

As fashion expert Jordan Feldman says “If a trend doesn’t work  for you, then skip the trend”. For me that’s what sets you apart from a fashionista and a stylish person. And what if you aren’t into crop tops anyways?


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