Perder el miedo


According to Coco Chanel the knees are the ugliest part of a woman’s body and they should be hided. I never liked mines and after some serious falls that left me scars -and a little bit of bullying-  I convinced myself I had the ugliest knees ever so it took meyears to find the courage to wear skirts or anything that showed them whatsover. But hey, you only live once! After all that’s what fashion (and life) is about: losing our fears.

Now, some people think it’s impossible to look classy wearing a miniskirt and heels. Personally I believe that vulgarity has more to do with the attitude of a person (the way she behaves, expresses and treats others on a regular basis) than the clothes he/she wears.


Although it can be tricky to wear, a skirt is a piece of cloth like any other; so when shopping for one avoid anything that’s too short or tight and pay attention to the drape of the fabric, that way you don’t have too worry about accidentally showing too much! Skip from revealing tops and dress up the whole outfit by adding a blazer, ajacket or a chambray shirt.

P. S: I started a Master in Fashion Marketing which has kept me away from the blog these days, but I’ll be posting more often from now on. Have a happy weekend!


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