I like editorial outfit shoots and dreamy landscapes in perfectly controlled light just like any other fashion/photography lover out there, but I also like blogs that still look like blogs and not magazines. So I want to keep things real and relatable here: It was raining (the weather just hasn’t been by my side lately), hair is looking messy, this is an improvised location, and my dog is doing some photobombing!

Onto the look: The graphic pouch gives that fun touch I got to have. It’s a little too Anya Hyndmarch’s inspired, but emoji eyes are practically public domain by now, and as much as I love Anya’s aesthetic and believe in saving for bag investment, sadly, she works with exotic animal skins, which is a practice I don’t support.

Finally, the skort’s stripes add a little dimension, while the sneakers tone down the seriousness of the blazer.

Hope you liked it!




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