Holiday gifts for the fashion lover


1.Pencil it in 12-month agenda, Kate Spade | 2. Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion by Megan Hess | 3. Fashion: The Whole Story by Marnie Fogg | 4. Style Stalker Sonic Wintour Distressed Tee | 5. Skillshare Fashion Classes.


From a cute agenda to keep her goals and ideas stylishly organized, to a pop art-style t-shirt featuring Anna and Karl, these are five awesome Holiday gifts for the fashion lover! Megan Hess is the author of this beautifully illustrated book about Coco Chanel, the designer who redefined women’s wardrobe and her path to building the iconic brand. For the fashion savvy, Marnie Fogg explains through images the social context and aesthetics of every key moment on fashion history. A must read! Have an entrepreneur friend wanting to start a t-shirt business? An aspiring designer friend? Skillshare has a wide range of fashion courses for them and affordable subscription plans. Finally, the Style Stalker t-shirt has become a true obsession because “either you know about fashion or you don’t”. Tell them Anna!


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