Insta Roundup Nº1

I’ll be sharing and commenting my insta pics on the blog from now on. Here’s Roundup N°1!

This is what happens pretty much every time I’m getting ready.

I’ve been obsessed about this bag lately (talked about it here), it just goes with everything! Rings are another accessory-obsession of mine. I couldn’t be bothered to wear them before, but now if I ever go out without them I feel like I’m literally naked, like I want to go back to my house and put them on! Does any one else feel like this?

Glosses have been neglected by the matte lip trend for a while now and are trying to make a comeback. I’ll have to say I’m not fan of any of them. I tend to prefer creamy, non shiny formulas that aren’t overly moisturizing or drying.

I almost never carry on makeup with me: once I’m done with my makeup I’m done! But this time I had to be out of the house until late so I decided to take these essentials with me for any possible retouch:

  1. A nude sheer lippie.
  2. The Hawaii palette wich has a pink blush and a vanilla shade just to keep things highlighted. No crazy eyelining, smokey eye or anything.
  3. My fave bronzer.
  4. A concealer.
  5. A mirror. 🐱
  6. Two tapered mini brushes to multitask.
  7. A hair pin and a tie.

🐶Happy saturday peeps!🐶 #mydog #mypet #doggylove #instadog

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Tell me if she isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

But first ☕ #coffeetime #coffeebeforetalkee #butfirstcoffee #coffee #bblogers #bblogger #fblogger

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I transitioned from being a non-coffee person to: I’ll only get out of bed for coffee!

Brazilian fashion mags (Bazaar, Elle, Vogue) do such an amazing editing work; they’re both informative and analytical, not just publicity. I wanna subscribe to them all!

DREAM HIGH! #streetphoto #streetphotography #SãoPaulo

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Street art is just one of the many things I love from living in São Paulo, it’s everywhere and oftenly spreading a positive message! ❤️‍

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Lots of love!                                                                                                                     Grise


  1. Amy Arnold
    April 15, 2016 / 8:51 pm

    Great roundup! Loving the first shoe pic.

    Straight A Style

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