The Non Track Pants

Track pants and bell sleeves? 2017 made it possible! Some of the combos we’re seeing and trying right now could’ve seem a little odd just a few years ago. Luckily, we’re unapologetically breaking the mix and match rules!

On an attempt to overcome my hate for execercise and become a healthier person, I recently signed up to a barre class, but when shopping for sportswear everything seemed plain boring/ugly/overpriced, so, among a few other things, I ended up buying these pants which aren’t actually workout pants but the polished-trendy version of them, as I got them at a store that doesn’t really sell activewear. I also got them in a rusty orange color and I love I can make them work for other ocassions aside from the gym. Oh God, I even hate the word… Wish me luck!

So this is me finally embracing athleisure. The fit life though? It might take more than just a few pretty pants.



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