Victorian Vibes


There was a time when the style of the royalty could dictate the fashion of an era. I’ve been reading a book called Reinas Malditas (Coursed Queens), and found that Queen Victoria of England wasn’t considered particularly stylish and that it was Albert, the Prince Consort who choosed every attire she wore and even told her how to pose for pictures. He was basically her stylist!



When we think of vitorian fashion we inmediatly evoke romantic-decadent pieces, but funny enough, the intention of Albert was to project modesty, decorum and simplicity, values that he firmly believed in and was decided to leave as legacy of their reign, in opposition to the typical opulence of the court. Albert’s taste and even decor choises defined the victorian aesthetics.



Back to today: Bell sleeves can definitely make an outfit, but adding a par of interesting shoes never hurted anybody! The day we took these pics we found a siberian dog right in front of our door, who had ran away and got hurted in the process. She didn’t even had an id tag (how irresponsible!), but luckily we were able to find her owners through our vet.



Hope you have a great weekend!



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