Do you remember when it was all about the flares and the skinnies seemed to us a little weird just because they weren’t in fashion? Well, I stayed in that fase for a little longer than the rest. Flares were my fave thing and I couldn’t imagine myself wearing another form of denim.

One day walking down the mall, I sitted for a couple of minutes to look around when it hitted me: everyone was wearing skinny jeans, everyone got the memo but me! It wasn’t so much about not being trendy. It just felt like everyone was open to embrace the change but me.

I was attached to this shape that made me feel safe, yet I was loosing all the fun. And I see that everyday: my looks on Chicisimo are oftenly saved on boards called “I like it, but I wouldn’t wear it”. What’s stopping us from enjoying fashion freedom? Is it the fear of people’s judgement or is it our own fear of how we could look like?

There’s this old venezuelan jingle that says: “Don’t say no if you haven’t tried it”. And as much as I hate the “confort zone” term, how the heck are we supposed to reach or full sartorial potential if we don’t get out of there?



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