This time the challenge on our community of Venezuelan fashion bloggers was to create a monochromatic outfit. Total white and black looks were practically excluded from the challenge: this was an invitation to play with color.



After getting momentarily depressed by all the grey, white and black that lives in my closet, I tried to put togheter something with the red items that survived the huge wardrobe cleanse I did beforme coming to Brazil. I tried and failed. Tried again mixing some nude hues. Another big fail. Clearly, it was about time to do some shopping!


I was able to find this boxy dress at an outlet for a ridiculous price. It required some arrangements and I’m actually wearing it backwards: I just think it’s more modern that way and I also love the detail on the neck imitating a chocker, which is super trendy right now, so you’ll be seeing more of it on upcoming posts!


Because it’s so simple, I deciced to add a darker shade with the shoes for some contrast. You can also wear the exact same color all over, in which case I suggest to mix different textures and lenghts to give some interest to the look.


A third color is welcome, as long as it’s neutral. Extra tip: Smaller accessories are less distracting, that way you don’t lose the mono effect an keep the atention on your main color.


For more ideas on how to wear monochrome ensembles check out the work of my fellow venezuelan bloggers here!


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