#MOTD Recap Nº2

It’s time for another #MOTD Recap! In these series I talk about my daily makeup products and the looks I create with them. Make sure to check out the #MOTD Recap Nº1 to know more about some of the products in the pictures that I don’t talk about here (if I don’t mention them at all it’s because thery’re from Brazilian or Mexican brands) and follow me on instagram to see even more!

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  • I love small handled and doubled ended brushes, I just find them super practical. The blue one it’s perfect for the contour area, while the angled shaped pink one is ideal for applying blush.
  • I’ve using Fabulous from theBalm’s Nude Dude a lot lately to highlight the brow bone.
  • Mauve tones are my fave for lipsticks, but the matte trend is definitely not for me. Not only I don’t like the how they look on me, but they also tend to be uncomfortable, so I most likely end up mixing them with something more creamy for a more natural result.

If you struggle defining the crease, look for a small brush with rounded tip like the one in the photo. It totally makes a big difference!

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When it comes to eye makeup, the simpler the better for me. I often use an orangey blush to warm up the crease and that’s it! I apply a similar tone on the cheeks and finish it up with highlighter.

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  • Blue eyeliner is a fresh and versatile alternative to black.
  • It’s funny how we get to have only a few L’oreal products here in Brazil, yet at the same time, some others are only available here. I hope that the formula of their BB Cream is the same everywhere, because it’s simply amazing: it gives great coverage, has a fresh finish and adapts very well to different skin tones. If you have tried L’oreal BB Creams I’ll love to know your experience.

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I’ve only used this Revitalift primer once and it was a complete disaster: the makeup ended up separating after a few hours. I must say though, I had very dry skin thay day, so I moisturized well and went for Revlon’s Colorstay foundation for dry skin, so I might have over moisturized and maybe that’s why the makeup didn’t stay on my face, but I really don’t know because I haven’t gathered the courage to try it again. If you had, I’ll love your opinion on it!

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I have a love/hate relationship with the Superstay: the coverage is excellent and it really lasts on the skin, but it leaves a cakey effect that bothers me. To make it more natural I like to mix it with a BB Cream.

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Dessert island kinda fave! Full review here.

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I applied Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Barely Branded on the eyelid and went for Bourjois’s SO Ioving green to eyeline and beige for the lower line. I tightlined with black.

  • The idea behind these Shadowlinks from Revlon is that you put them together to costumize your own palette. This one is Bone/Os, and I use it as my eye base, but the pigmentation is not even there, it feels scratchy and powdery. Not buying this again.
  • I tend to gravitate more towards warm tones as they look great on brunettes. For a simple everyday look I apply the brown on the crease and the pink shade on the center of the lid. Palette review here.

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