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Gotta Make it Work


The other day I told my husband “my closet doesn’t work, it all looks ridiculous on me” Apparently I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight in these last few years (despite of all the 4 cheese pizzas I’ve had), so almost nothing fits me anymore, and the stuff that still fits doesn’t suit my current style. Also, I can’t buy more than I can take with me when we leave Brazil (💔💔💔…), nor I like to spend on cheap clothes that become trash in a matter of months. (more…)



This is one of those pieces I’ve had for a while and never wore, mostly because I’m not into flowers, but since everything it’s about showing off those shoulders, I figured out it was about time to wear it again. It’s not to late to join the trend, right? (more…)

Casual & Comfy


With minimalism taking over fashion everything became black, white, grey and normcore. I consider a minimalist myself, but if you’ve told me three years ago that I’ll be wearing these colors (and sneakers!) on a daily basis, I probably would have rolled my eyes. On the other hand, we have the “girls just wanna have fun” trend started by Anya Hindmarch’s cute custom patches, which was a much needed breath of fresh air (before everyone copied it!), because let’s face it, things were getting slightly boring. Now, I don’t see myself wearing patches all over just because they’re trendy, but I do like to have a little fun with my clothes. (more…)

New Neutrals


After being neglected in my closet for a while, these shoes have become my new neutrals. Despite of what my husband might think, they’re super comfy and actually made for walking. (more…)