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Can You Not

There’s a sense of joy and accomplishment when your style projects who you really are and feel, when everything in your wardrobe seems to work perfectly together. This outfit has everything I like: classic shapes, girly vibes, graphic prints, a fun dose of color… and it came to me without overthinking. This not only means I know myself better than say, a few years ago, but also that I’ve gotten smarter about shopping.  (more…)

Cinch It

Wide belts make a statement and amp up any look with ease. This one is part of the treasures I found on my aunt’s closet when I went to Venezuela a few monhs ago; it ties the whole look as it creates harmony between the typographic print and the stripes of the skirt, (also borrowed from my aunt.) (more…)

Anxiety Club

I can’t believe we’ll be leaving São Paulo in just a few days, nor can I even begin to describe how lovely is this people and how happy we’ve been here. For a day exploring the city I went for a simple outfit with a twist: the typographic t-shirt that speakes for itself and kinda matches my current emotional mood. (more…)

70’s Flare


Oh, there she comes with her culottes again, you might think… But hey, it only proves they’re super wearable! Truth is, these pictures were taken before my travel to Venezuela and I didn’t want to keep delaying publishing them. (more…)

Athleisure in Town

After almost four months I’m back in São Paulo. My sister helped me out with these pics while in my hometown (Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela). Although I never get too personal because I want to keep the focus on fashion and beauty, I’m still trying to process all I went through and what’s about to come. (more…)

Please Yourself

Throwing an old cami top you thought would never be on style again —but kept just in case— over a basic white tee can turn a super boring outfit into a trendy one. And that’s the beauty of fashion. (more…)