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The unsexy pants


So, the hubby hates these jeans. Although I got them a little baggy on purpose, I wasn’t really planning to join the mom jean trend, I just hadn’t the patiente to get in the ridicoulous line for the fitting room at Zara. Also, I could fit better in them after coming back from Venezuela and eating a bunch of arepas. (more…)

Ripped & Simple


You know how parisian girls can look ridiculously cool and chic at the same time just by putting together a bunch of basics? Well, the rest of us can’t get away with it. At least I know I can’t. (more…)

Pointy Pumps


The spike+animal print combo seems like a bad idea, but I feel like these pumps are cool without being strident. No matter how basic my outfit is, I can always count on them to amp things up. (more…)