Category: STYLE

Tribal Vibes


I’m not into gipsy/coachella-inspired pieces, but I do like my tribal prints, as long as they’re more on the graphic side. I think it’s super important to know yourself before jumping into trends and buying stuff that don’t suit your style and probably will never see the light outside of your closet. (more…)

Não ligue a cobrar


Being a predominantly gray city, São Paulo forces people to create and rediscover beauty from the unusual. Any public space becomes a potential art gallery, ready to receive color and exhibit the most diverse forms of expression. And that’s what I love the most about living here. (more…)



I used to have a super colorful wardrobe, which as you know I had to streamline before moving, and I’m not sure why but nowadays I catch myself wearing grey and black way too often, so I felt like I needed that injection of color again.