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Stripes are in


But really, when have they been out? I was coveting the vertical striped coat that’s on trend right now when I remembered I had this blouse, but it felt too long and loose for my petite frame, so I went ahead and modified it. Funny enough, I think it’s too short now, but at less it’s wearable! (more…)

Styling Plaid: Part III


Last post from the Styling Plaid Series! This time we’re styling windowpane, which is probably my fave plaid pattern. Not only it goes with almost everything, but the clean lines and bigger size of the squares give a modern vibe to it.


Styling Plaid: Part II

how-to-wear-a-pink-blazerI can’t tell you how much I love this city. Its weather? Not so much. It’s always cloudy and grey, and even during summer (which is supposedly the current season) it rains often. “São Paulo being São Paulo”, they say. Whenever we get to see the sun — and the hubbie isn’t bussy with work— I run outside to take outfit photos. But hey, I’m not here to complain about the weather.

To start off this year’s style posts we’re going to to wrap up the styling plaid series from last year! (more…)