The Slip Dress and Top Combo


Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2016 Runway. Photos: theFashionSpot.

I’ll admit I wasn’t convinced about the slip dress and top trend at first, as I don’t easily accept anything that comes straight from the nineties, fashion wise. But everything is a remix now and there’s really no way to scape from it. The good news? You can rock the trend by putting together pieces you already own! (more…)

Bomber Overdose



  • Band of Outsiders Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.
  • Anna Sui Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.
  • Coach 1941 Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.

I’ve been coveting a bomber jacket for a while now, but everywhere I look around there’s at less someone wearing one and I kinda step back, just because I’m not a fan of uniforms myself. But the fact that it keeps coming back season after season can only confirm its status of new staple. (more…)

Gotta Make it Work


The other day I told my husband “my closet doesn’t work, it all looks ridiculous on me” Apparently I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight in these last few years (despite of all the 4 cheese pizzas I’ve had), so almost nothing fits me anymore, and the stuff that still fits doesn’t suit my current style. Also, I can’t buy more than I can take with me when we leave Brazil (💔💔💔…), nor I like to spend on cheap clothes that become trash in a matter of months. (more…)