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The New Brow

Brock Collection Spring 2017. Photo Credit: Elle.

From the skinny brow that ruled de Nineties, to the Cara Delevignesque signature brow we all tried to emulate, we’ve come a long way. Unperfect and surprisingly cool, the new brow is a happy medium between understated and bold.  (more…)

The Off Shoulder Trend isn’t Going Anywhere



  • Vivienne Tam Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.
  • Tome Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.
  • Vivienne Tam Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.

Just when we thought we’ve seen to much of it and were ready to move on, NYFW’s catwalks hit us with the news: the off shoulder trend isn’t going anywhere! It can be a little early to think about spring already, but that’s how fashion works: we’re always thinking on what’s next, what we’ll be wearing next season.

This anticipation allows us to evaluate the trends and decide where we’re putting or money on, but also fast fashion quickly (more…)

The Slip Dress and Top Combo


Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2016 Runway. Photos: theFashionSpot.

I’ll admit I wasn’t convinced about the slip dress and top trend at first, as I don’t easily accept anything that comes straight from the nineties, fashion wise. But everything is a remix now and there’s really no way to scape from it. The good news? You can rock the trend by putting together pieces you already own! (more…)

Bomber Overdose



  • Band of Outsiders Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.
  • Anna Sui Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.
  • Coach 1941 Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Photo: Vogue.

I’ve been coveting a bomber jacket for a while now, but everywhere I look around there’s at less someone wearing one and I kinda step back, just because I’m not a fan of uniforms myself. But the fact that it keeps coming back season after season can only confirm its status of new staple. (more…)

Versace’s new sexy


A yellow bodycon mini dress with cutted-out triangles of Versace’s 2010 Spring made me fall in love with fashion. But honestly, through the years I lost interest in the brand: it all felt oversexualized and repetitive.

But times have changed and Versace has proved to know what a girl wants: to dress for herself. This fall collection shows how the brand has succesfully evolved to keep relevance while manteinaing its DNA intact.

Clean, more contemporary shapes (even boxy and oversized!) were all over the runway and cut-out and mini silhouettes are now sophisticated. They’re wearable withouth losing the impact and boldness that caracterizes the brand. (more…)

Jeremy Scott: intendedly tacky


Cowboys and Poodles was the name of Jeremy Scott’s Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2016 collection show that featured a Christmas three like coat, Holstein and outer space prints, a pair of Ren and Stimpy pastel cowboy boots, among other references to pop culture, rockabilly and Barbie Hollywood he’s clearly stock with Barbie. (more…)