Cinch It

Wide belts make a statement and amp up any look with ease. This one is part of the treasures I found on my aunt’s closet when I went to Venezuela a few monhs ago; it ties the whole look as it creates harmony between the typographic print and the stripes of the skirt, (also borrowed from my aunt.) (more…)

Anxiety Club

I can’t believe we’ll be leaving São Paulo in just a few days, nor can I even begin to describe how lovely is this people and how happy we’ve been here. For a day exploring the city I went for a simple outfit with a twist: the typographic t-shirt that speakes for itself and kinda matches my current emotional mood. (more…)

10 Makeup Tips for The Girl On the Go

In a hurry? These tips will facilitate your life!


Start with a CC Cream that contains SPF. It’ll hydrate and color correct your skin, this way you can skip the detailed concealing work. It won’t give you full sun protection though, but it’s better than anything.


If you need extra coverage go with a powder or cushion fundation. They come with a sponge, so no need to use brushes or fingers! (more…)

70’s Flare


Oh, there she comes with her culottes again, you might think… But hey, it only proves they’re super wearable! Truth is, these pictures were taken before my travel to Venezuela and I didn’t want to keep delaying publishing them. (more…)