Athleisure in Town

After almost four months I’m back in São Paulo. My sister helped me out with these pics while in my hometown (Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela). Although I never get too personal because I want to keep the focus on fashion and beauty, I’m still trying to process all I went through and what’s about to come. (more…)

The New Brow

Brock Collection Spring 2017. Photo Credit: Elle.

From the skinny brow that ruled de Nineties, to the Cara Delevignesque signature brow we all tried to emulate, we’ve come a long way. Unperfect and surprisingly cool, the new brow is a happy medium between understated and bold.  (more…)

Please Yourself

Throwing an old cami top you thought would never be on style again —but kept just in case— over a basic white tee can turn a super boring outfit into a trendy one. And that’s the beauty of fashion. (more…)

Keep Going


If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m currently in Venezuela. But I’m not on vacation, I’m here to help take care of my grandpa who’s very sick. I won’t be posting as regularly as I was posting, but as I’ve learned, doing the things that make you happy can help you to get through life’s roughness, so not blogging is not an option. (more…)