Keep an Eye on It

Wheather you choose the iconic Eye of God, a graphic emoji style, or the flirty Chiara’s signature logo (whom we might blame for starting the trend), these eye themed accessories inject a dose of fun to your everyday outfits and will still look interesting when the trend is gone! (more…)

Cinch It

Wide belts make a statement and amp up any look with ease. This one is part of the treasures I found on my aunt’s closet when I went to Venezuela a few monhs ago; it ties the whole look as it creates harmony between the typographic print and the stripes of the skirt, (also borrowed from my aunt.) (more…)

Anxiety Club

I can’t believe we’ll be leaving São Paulo in just a few days, nor can I even begin to describe how lovely is this people and how happy we’ve been here. For a day exploring the city I went for a simple outfit with a twist: the typographic t-shirt that speakes for itself and kinda matches my current emotional mood. (more…)